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Valorafutbol can improve your revenues increasing Fan Engagement by at least 20% in less than 90 days.

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Case Studies

Thanks to VF, we are able to create several activations in our match-coverage studio, across our social media channels and digital products. A must for sports destinations that wish to increase audience and engagement!

Karim Saade, Head of Dawriplus

Intigral owned by STC.

One of the main sports players in the Middle East market, focused on broadcasting the Saudi League.

On their platform Dawri Plus they created a match center and gaming solutions with a large and loyal audience.

They had different tools and solutions to push content to the fans, but had the challenge to keep the conversation going right before the match begins, during the game and right after it finishes.

With valorafutbol we helped them engaging better with fans and increasing their platform registrations.

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VF is an innovative tool that improves user´s experience increasing interactions on our websites and social media, opening new ways to generate revenues

Antonio Lucio, Director and Content Development of DirecTV Sports

DirecTV from the AT&T Group.

They were looking for a tool to improve the interaction with the fans inside their platform. They wanted to boost and capture those answers from the audience especially during the game and right before/after.

They didn’t want to go through a long and complicated process of building their own tool and wanted to find something ready and tested.

Besides the improvement of the engagement in the phases of the game that were key to them, they found out that the content generated was truly appealing to the audience and also a new product to sell to their sponsors.

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Do you want to increase your revenues?

We created this 5 step process that has been very effective with the clients we worked with and we would like to share with you


Analyze platform to identify engagement opportunities

Which are the best locations inside your platform to engage with your audience?

During the demo call we will review your platform to start identifying the best locations and sections to engage with your audience. In that way, once we begin working for you, we would have this part almost done.


Create a strategy with Valorafutbol

Determine which integration model suits your company. From a simple plug & play to a complex SSO integration.

During the kick-off we will propose an strategy depending on the specifications of your platform and audience. The core concept of our strategy has been already proven with other clients and we will adjust it to your requierements.


Implement Valorafutbol solution

Embed Valorafutbol widgets in your articles, mobile applications or have the complete customized Valorafutbol Site.

Right after the kick-off meeting we will set up a work calendar to integrate Valorafutbol solution in your platform. Depending on the degree of customization, the integration can go from 48 hours to 2 weeks. Being a plug&play solution, it will be fast to have the tool on your site or your mobile application. The cost will be less than half of hiring in-house team or an external company to build it and they would save several months until the solution is done and tested.


Measure the results

Analyze the data extracted from your users, ratings and predictions with Valorafutbol Dashboard and the metrics.

You will have full access to the valorafutbol dashboard where you will be able to measure in real time all the important KPIs that the tool generates from day 1.


React and tweak the machine

Understand what the data is telling you to power up the strengths and keep improving your results

We will check regulary the metrics togehter with you and help making adjustments to improve the results. Also we can help you providing your sponsors with useful feedback for future renovations or offer them new and attractive products.

Valorafutbol platform features

Before the Kick - off
Predict the Score
Predict the best players of the Match
During the Match
Rate the Players
After the Match ends
See the Stats
Check your Ranking in the community

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About the Product & FAQ

Will this work if we are a traditional broadcaster?

Yes, if you have a digital platform (web/app) and want to have more interactions to increase your revenues, it works.

Will this work if we a sports media, but don’t broadcast the games?

If you have audience interested on the games and want them to use your platform as a 2nd screen option, yes it will work.

Will this work for my region?

We have worked with clients in many regions (Europe, America, Middle East…) so we believe the solution works world-wide since football fans around the globe have the same passion and want to give their opinion.

Will the solution be integrated in my platform or my users will go to yours?

Our tool is a plug&play solution (no code skills required) that will be integrated in your web/app and will have your look&feel, so users will feel they are interacting with your platform, but we will host the traffic even though you will have 24/7 access to the data with your valorafutbol dashboard

Can we include sponsors associated with the tool?

Of course, actually most clients see this solution as a new way to provide value to their sponsors and increase their platform revenues. We are white label, you can maximize the revenues generated from the tool or content created as you want.

Can VF integrate with my company SSO Identity Provider?

Yes, we have the SAML integration in place, and if you decide to use your SSO Authentication, just request it!

What do they say about Valorafutbol?

This is who we are

Passionate about the nature of human behavior. Helping sports media and clubs to engage with the Fans by giving them a voice.

Borja Burguillos

Founding Partner & CEO

Born in Barcelona, sports fan since I was a little kid. Specialized in Marketing & Sales, always looking to understand better the customers’ needs and give them the best service.

Javier Montero

Founding Partner, Sales & Clients

Iván was born in Madrid, being football and tech passionate since childhood. Computer engineer with more than 14 years of experience in IT at sectors such as Healthcare, Transports, Aerospace and Banking.

Iván Campillo

Founding Partner & CTO

Digital native with a passion for sports and digital marketing. Focused on making fans part of the game completing the circle.

Borja García

Marketing & Social Specialist