Case Studies

Learn more about our success clients’ stories with Sports Media and Clubs around the world.


An AT&T company
Latin America & USA

DIRECTV was looking for a tool to improve the interaction with the soccer fans inside their platform. They wanted to capture that feedback from the audience especially during the game and right before/after.

Besides the improvement of the engagement in the phases of the game that were key to them, they found out that the content generated was truly appealing to the audience and also a new product to sell to their sponsors.


With Valorafutbol we helped them engaging better with their brands by offering a new platform to sponsor. A new key concept (the fan’s voice) to be part of the game and engage with the younger audience by asking them to rate players within the DIRECTV Sports platforms and sharing sponsored relevant content in the social media channels.


Valorafutbol helped DIRECTV Sports to get a new revenue stream with a significant impact on some countries P&L.


We implemented the microsite together with three modules (Ratings, Score predictor, and Predict the Best man of the match).

We are currently working together exploring new gamification techniques and keep finding new ways to increase revenues by adding more sponsors in the ecosystem.


  • Increase of the Average Time Spent in Web & App
  • Post-Production and statistics about games in TV Shows.
  • New Sponsors acquisition thanks to Valorafutbol.
+ 0 MIN
Average Time Spent in the platform
+ 0 MM
MAUs using Valorafutbol Tool
+ 0 K
Ratings in Euro2020

An Intigral (STC) product
Middle East

On their platform, Dawri Plus had different tools to push content to the fans but had the challenge to keep the conversation going right during and right after the game finishes.

With Valorafutbol we helped them engaging better with fans and increasing their platform registrations.

Valorafutbol helped Intigral increase Fan Engagement by +20% the first year, and kept growing sustainably since then.

We started by implementing the Rating modules. Then we followed with the Score predictor, and finally the Predict the Best man of the match module.

We are currently working together exploring new gamification techniques and keep finding new ways to increase revenues by adding more sponsors to the ecosystem.


  • 3 seasons trusting Valorafutbol solutions.
  • 500K Active Users during important games.
  • Gamification: users are able to compete with the entire community, earning prizes for leaderboard winners.
+ 0 MM
Ratings in 3 years
+ 0 MM
MAUs using Valorafutbol Tool

Arsenal FC
England – Premier League

ARSENAL F.C. was looking for a comprehensive fan engagement suite of SaaS solutions to help them to make their Web & App user habitual. Arsenal wants to engage with their fans longer within their Web & App

After reaching the final of the Arsenal Innovation Lab, we agreed on starting with a light Integration of the Second Screen Widget (pre-match, during and post-match) in the homepage and match center page of Arsenal web. 

  • Throughout the widget, the Arsenal Fans were able to predict
  • the match score before the game, to rate the performance of Arsenal players during
  • the game, and after the game, the widget shows the top 3 best-rated Arsenal players of the match.

We keep currently working with Arsenal towards keeping developing new concepts around Fan Engagement and Gamification. NFTs and point-rewards tokenization will mark the future of Sports Clubs and entities to connect with their Fans and for marketing and sponsorship purposes.


  • Extend the Stadium. From a dream to reality with Valora. Reach and Engage more Fans in Arsenal Web & App.
  • Make every single Arsenal Fan around the world feel part of the Club. Make them count! Get thousand of direct interactions (predictions and ratings), before, during, and after every game.
  • Engage longer with Arsenal Fans BEFORE, DURING and AFTER every game. Engage 24/7
  • Opportunity to open new revenue streams. Offer to current and new brands to be part of the Fan Experience.    
+ 0 K
interactions (Predictions + Ratings) in the first five games.
+ 0 %
increase in Fan's interactions game over a game