ValoraFutbol for Sports Media

ValoraFutbol for Sports Media

The most Fan-Centric solution to convert fans voice into a business opportunity


The Flywheel Effect

Valorafutbol Live Interactive Streaming solution helps the Sports Media Industry to boost the fan engagement during games inside the video player and the potential value that it can contribute to the platform, OTT and the digital ecosystem: monetization, engagement and up-sell/cross-sell. 


Reach more Fans increase the MAUs in your digital platforms (Web, App, OTT) by using Valorafutbol SaaS solutions.


  • Second Screen widgets
  • Live Interactive Streaming
  • Live Prediction Quizs
  • Fan Private Leagues
  • Fan Leaderboards
  • Content Engagement
  • and much more…


A solution to Engage 24/7 with Fans, Before, During and After every game. Boost Fan Engagement


Boost Fan Engagement. Increase the Fans time spent within your digital ecosystem 

Use Valora multiple gamification solutions to connect with your audience and incentive Fans to interact within your Digital Platforms


Monetize your Fans & Audience Use Valorafutbol to open new revenue streams


Create new Sponsors opportunities. Offer your brands to be part of the Fan Experience

Get Content Engagement to attract new sponsorships




Valorafutbol Interactive Live Streaming solution for Sports Media & OTTs was created to boost the fan engagement during games and increase the interaction between the Platform and the audience.


The Live Fan Experience could be integrated into all Web & App video players.

We want to make fans feel part of the game, everywhere, anytime.



  • The Valorafutbol widgets could be integrated in the Video Player during the games.


  • The video player pops up a CTA (Call to Action) when a predefined event happens during the game to rate players after a goal or many other actions.

  • Easy and quick integration in any video player.

  • A new hotspot for Brands. Add brands to sponsor the CTA on the screen.



VF modules

Choose exactly what you need

Second Screen Widgets

Plug & Play Microsite

Interactive Live Streaming

Capturing Fans Data

Real-Time Data Visualization

Predictions & Live Quiz

Gamification & NFTs

Innovative solutions

  • Extend the Stadium. From dream to reality with Valora. Reach and Engage more Fans.
  • Make every single Fan around the world to feel part of the Club. Make them count! 
  • Get close to the younger generation with new GameFi techniques. Give them what they want.

  • Open new revenue streams. Know your Fans better to increase ARPU. 

Second Screen Widgets

  • Before the game: in the fixture page, users are able to predict the match score.
  • During the game, the widget is displayed in the home in order to allow users to rate the performance of Arsenal players.
  • After the game in the results page, the widgets shows the top 3 best rated players of the match.
  • Gamification. Fans get points by predicting and rating. Those points could be tokenized with rewards for marketing and sponsorship purposes.


  • Gamification: engage with your Fans, capture Fan-data and get unique content.

  • Use Valorafutbol to engage with your Fans by allowing them to interact and play, earning points with their friends within your own Digital Platforms.

  • User Profile, Private Leagues, Fan leaderboards and much more.

  • Boost your Fan Engagement by tokenizing Fan points and allow Fans to get discounts on your products.


Live Quiz Widgets

Create quizzes based on presets defined by Match Events (such as goals, yellow cards, assists…) or Open & Customized Questions using Valorafutbol Dashboard.

Activate them OnDemand and disable them whenever they need to be closed, assigning the number of points you choose for the correct option for each user.