Valorafutbol Dashboard

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Included with Valorafutbol, the Dashboard allows you to get the most of the Valorafutbol platform, by accessing your usage, user behavior, statistics and tools so you can configure your components and experience from one site.

Valorafutbol Dashboard Metrics

The tool "Metrics" gives you an image of how Valorafutbol components are working in your platforms. It shows you valuable data of the interactions that your audience make within your platforms helping you increase fan engagement.

Valorafutbol Dashboard Matches

It shows the information of all the matches played through a competition and the date of the matches that will be played in the following weeks.

Valorafutbol Dashboard Statistics

In that section, you will be able to analyze a summary of the information fans have shared in a specific match. It shows the number of ratings, all players´ ratings, and a comparison line by line of the teams during the game.

Valorafutbol Dashboard Averages

This section is made up of 3 different sections. First of all, we find the team of the week, where it is possible to select a week of competition to analyze the best rated players. It is also possible to analyze top rated players throughout the entire season. On the other hand, it is possible to compare the performance of several teams throughout a competition. Finally, averages tool shows a summary of the next day of the competition, comparing ratings of the teams facing each other.