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ValoraFutbol platform is made of client web applications, embeddable widgets and a powerful
REST API that can be queried from anywhere.
The ecosystem allows your users to rate players, managers and referees, using the VF Widgets or
the VF Microsite of your company, all of it coming together at the API.
All the info generated by your users will be available in real time at your VF Dashboard.
All of the users that rate a certain player during a match count… but to be fair, we try to encourage the users to be “good raters”, and to do so, we assign levels to everyone that rates in the platform: The closer your rating gets to the final average rating, the better rater you are!
To do that:
  • We assign points to every rating, the closer to the average rating, the higher points the user receives.
  • That points keep adding up and building a user ranking table.
  • Depending on the position the user has, the platform assigns a level, for example, your EXPERT users will be the top 1% of your audience.
  • The higher the level is, the higher the weight of the user ratings will become…
This is how we do it!
It means that our system is fully replicated across different servers, all our data, ratings, users,player photos and everything resides in the cloud. That way our systems are ready to scale and replicate as soon as it is required as well as the security that the cloud technology provides.
All our systems are componetized, our API and front end components scale and replicate based on the traffic, we follow a model view controller and protect all components though SSL and Backend encryption.

Yes you can, every VF component will look like your branding, and also under your domain.

Yes, if you decide to use your own domain names, for example https://vf.yourcompany.com that will be simple, by just including an easy piece of html whenever you want to have the widgets.
No code skills required.
Yes, we have the SAML integration in place, and if you decide to use your SSO Authentication, just request it!

Selected Testimonials

"Valorafutbol is useful because it allows fans to prove they also have a word to say about players' performance. It is not just about "experts" or professionals, but also fans have listened throughout this new tool"
Julio "Maldini"
International Football Journalist
"For international broadcasters from a business perspective, VF is an innovative tool that improves user´s experience increasing interactions on our websites and social media, opening new ways to generate revenues"
Antonio Lucio
DIRECTV Sports Media Rights Director
"Thanks to VF, we are able to create several activations in our match-coverage studio, across our social media channels and digital products. A must for sports destinations that wish to increase audience and engagement!"
Karim Saade
GM, Sports Digital at INTIGRAL-STC
"VF software allows fans to give their opinions helping to engage with the audience during games. As a data lover, I like to see all those fan-ratings converted into powerful data and content to be analyzed. Fan Engagement and Big Data"
The most reputed football data analyzer