DirecTV Euro 2020 Integration

During the Euro 2020, Valorafutbol and DirecTV implemented the Full integration in the VF Microsite and DirecTV brand new portal and mobile apps, allowing users to rate, predict and get insights directly from the client’s portal.

Valorafutbol at HYPE GVA 2.0

Hype Global Virtual Accelerator 2.0 is a sports innovation contest for startups from all over the world. It has confirmed us as one of the strongest tech solutions for sports media, clubs, and institutions.

Valorafutbol – Invest in Fan Engagement during pandemic times

Why you should invest in fan engagement during pandemic times? What would you get from us to increase fan engagement and revenues?

Karim Saade Interview – Intigral

One of the main sports players in the Middle East market. They are focused on broadcasting the Saudi Premier League and beyond.

Valorafutbol & Sport360

An online sports media that offers sports coverage for the Middle East region in Arabic and English. The leaders in English written content in the region.

Valorafutbol & Diario Sport

The most followed sports media focused on FC Barcelona that has printed and online versions.

Valorafutbol – Why your sponsors care about how you do Fan Engagement?

What are sponsors looking from you in terms of Fan Engagement? Why is it so important for them the fact of how you do your Fan Engagement?

Valorafutbol & DirecTV Sports

A US-based company that is one of the main players broadcasting sports in the US and LATAM countries.

Why Valorafutbol?
We have a Fan Rating plug & play solution to help you. We can improve your revenues increasing Fan Engagement by at least 20% in less than 90 days.
What is Valorafutbol?

We are the first Sports Fan-Ratings SaaS and we are here to stay. We aim to allow all the sports stakeholders to get into Big Data and Fan Engagement.