Case Study – Sport

Type of company: Online Sport Media

Region: Spain

Group: Zeta

The most followed sports media focused on FC Barcelona that has printed and online versions.

The challenge

After using many gamification techniques, they were looking for a tool to make users give their opinion on the players’ performance inside their platform.

They wanted not only to get the ratings from the players but also to hear what fans wanted to say about the referees and coaches. SPORT was looking for improving the bounce rate and average time on page. We implemented the microsite together with two modules (Ratings and Score predictor).

The solution

SPORT increased the bounce rate significantly as well as average time on page (confidential data). But, it was not only a great way to receive their users’ feelings during the games but also to get measurable data for their editorial team to generate unique content for their social media channel and their media platform.

They used the on-going generated unique content by Valorafutbol to feed all the social media channels. The content was truly appealing to the audience and also a new product to sell to their sponsors.