Case Study – DirecTV Sports

Type of company: OTT

Region: Americas

Group: AT&T Inc.

A US-based company that is one of the main players broadcasting sports in the US and LATAM countries.

The challenge

DTV Sports was looking for a tool to improve the interaction with the soccer fans inside their platform. They wanted to boost and capture those answers from the audience especially during the game and right before/after.

They didn’t want to go through a long and complicated process of building their own tool and wanted to find something ready and tested.

The solution

Besides the improvement of the engagement in the phases of the game that were key to them, they found out that the content generated was truly appealing to the audience and also a new product to sell to their sponsors.

With Valorafutbol we helped them engaging better with their brands by offering a new platform to sponsor. A new key concept (the fan’s voice) to be part of the game and engage with the younger audience by asking them to rate players within the DTV Sports platforms and sharing sponsored relevant content in the social media channels.

Valorafutbol helped DirecTV Sports to get a new revenue stream with a significant impact on some countries P&L. We implemented the microsite together with three modules (Ratings, Score predictor, and Predict the Best man of the match).

We are now together focusing on exploring new gamification techniques and keep exploring new ways to increase revenues by adding more and sponsors in the ecosystem.