Valorafutbol & COVID-19

In this extraordinary situation we are living, the most important thing is to take care of our family and friends. Then, try to help those that are less fortunate than us. Finally thank everyone that is helping to heal a huge amount of people. After doing that… don’t you think “I REALLY MISS FOOTBALL!”

In Valorafutbol we do… A LOT! For that reason all our team is working daily to improve our products and services for our clients, so we are most ready for the comeback.

Trying to support the sports stakeholders and knowing that fans will enjoy it, during the coming 4 weeks, we offer our NEW SaaS product – Valora Fan Polls – for free to try it.

Fan Engagement – Use this functionality to engage your audience during these moments when games are not being played. It will give them a reason to interact with our components embedded in your platforms increase fan engagement.

Ask your audience – Instead of letting your users rate players, managers and referees during games… why don’t you create a rating context where your users can rate with the VF 5-star rating concept any player, team, manager or referee whenever you want?

Check it out here to know more about Valora Fan Polls and send us a request to try it for free.


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